Training Guide: Functional training with fitball

With a gymnastic ball, you can do exercises for the whole body or pay attention to individual organs and systems of the body. In some countries, the projectile is used instead of a chair to keep the back straight and minimize the load on the spine.

Initially, gymnastics with a fitball was intended exclusively for patients who need rehabilitation after injuries — the ball acted as a gentle simulator. But the versatility of the projectile and its benefits for the body […]

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Aquagymnastics: indications, contraindications the benefits and harms of fitness in the water

What is useful for aqua aerobics is the opportunity to relax in the pool, tighten your figure and lose weight. Almost anyone can do it, and the ability to swim is not at all necessary.

The benefits of aqua aerobics for women

Due to active movements in the water, blood circulation improves, excess fluid is removed from the body. The health benefits are enormous:

metabolism accelerates;

the heart muscle and respiratory system are strengthened;

posture is corrected;

immunity increases.

Problems with poor sleep and lethargy gradually go […]

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Choosing fitness dances for weight loss (zumba, flex, belly dance)

Push-ups, gym classes and squats are not suitable for everyone. But dancing helps to diversify fitness training, relax and surrender to dynamic rhythms. Additional equipment is not required: only the desire of the girls to put the figure in order.

You can do dance aerobics at home, but you will not feel the drive that exists in group classes.

The benefits of dance fitness

Dancing helps to lose weight, because high-intensity physical activity affects the whole body. Athletes work out muscles and burn […]

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Children’s boxing: pros and cons, at what age is it better to start training

Coming to the boxing section, the child chooses a useful and interesting activity that will positively affect his future life. And if the baby is active, then this is a chance to channel energy into a peaceful channel.

Confident, strong, able to achieve goals and hardworking — boxers have such qualities.

Is there any harm from boxing?

Boxing has been labeled a dangerous sport, and parents are afraid to bring their children. There is indeed a risk — this is a traumatic and […]

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