For the development of strength and endurance: special outdoor simulators

For teenagers and older children, colorful and bright play complexes, of course, are no longer of particular interest – the opportunity to develop muscles, become stronger and give energy output is much more important for them. In this case, outdoor simulators are the ideal solution, because they allow you to train outdoors at any convenient time between classes, after school or even on weekends.

We offer simulators for the street from MB Barbell, a proven manufacturer that has both universal lines of simulators and special models for children.

The advantages of MB Barbell simulators include:

Availability of 24 unique simulators for the development of different muscle groups;

There is also an outdoor ski simulator for preparing for winter classes and competitions;

Using a cargo stack instead of more traumatic disks;

The ability to change the load in increments of 2.5 kilograms;

Development of simulators by experienced trainers and biomechanics specialists;

Tenfold margin of safety and the ability to withstand loads up to a ton;

Independent lever system;

Easy adjustment of load levels;

QR codes on simulators that open video instructions with effective exercises;

Smooth and natural movement of the handles;

Minimal contact of the student with metal elements;

High level of protection against theft and vandalism.

For the comfort of children and adults: landscaping with small architectural forms

MAFs are used for landscaping gardens, schools, parks and in general any public areas. Small architectural forms for the garden are mainly represented by vandal-proof outdoor furniture:

Comfortable benches for relaxation;

Covered terraces, gazebos and awnings for protection from the sun and rain;

Bike parks for children who prefer to go to school by bike;

Trash cans with vandal-proof construction;

Play complexes, slides and swings for kids;

Tables and seats for board games, outdoor snacks and non-standard lessons;

And many other options for outdoor furniture!

In our catalog you will find everything you need for landscaping – we offer only high-quality products that meet current standards. You can get advice on any questions you may have from our manager by phone.