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Landscaping of the house territory is just as important as the construction of the house itself, because it is in the yard that children spend most of their free time, elderly people walk, and young people meet, communicate, play sports or just breathe fresh air. It is important not only landscape design and landscaping, but also the creation of a convenient and comfortable social space. In our catalog we offer a large selection of products for the improvement of the house territory and the creation of work sites!

To make it interesting for children to spend time outside

Playground equipment plays an important role in the physical development of children and in their social adaptation, because it is on the playground that children communicate, share toys, come up with joint games and make their first friends. On the playground, children learn to run and jump, train muscles and a sense of balance.

On the playground, play complexes for kids with a safe design, ladders and paths with obstacles, climbing walls, gazebos and turrets with a beautiful bright design will be appropriate. Spring rocking chairs depicting animals and various vehicles, swings and carousels, playhouses, obstacle courses, handwheels and other equipment are very popular.

So that everyone has enough space for games

The outdoor play complex will provide children with the opportunity to relax and play team games with a large friendly company. Children’s play complexes are easily installed and immediately create a dedicated and safe place for games, while not taking up too much free space, because everything necessary for the game is located as compactly as possible. The complex usually has ladders, bridges, climbing stands, slides, rope bridges and nets, and many other accessories.

For safe running, playing and training

Often falling on the asphalt during football or basketball, and just children’s outdoor games ends with cramped knees and bruises. Special artificial coverings of sports grounds not only protect against injuries, but also make the game process easier and safer. The coatings do not slip even in the rain, absorb jumps and bumps, make any landing softer, improve grip with sports shoes, and at the same time are immune to atmospheric influences.

For basketball fans

Basketball is rightfully the leader among street team games – children and adults, whole families and courtyards play it with pleasure. Besides, you don’t need much for basketball – just a ball and a basketball hoop. In our catalog you can buy a basketball ring in Minsk for children and adults, with a stationary and mobile stand, as well as a whole basketball tree with rings at different levels.