SUPER SCULPT strength training: a program for creating the perfect body

After seeing a Super Sculpture in the club’s schedule, visitors often wonder: “What kind of direction is this in fitness?”. It’s always easier to show, so we invite you to power aerobics, where intensive exercises have a healing effect on the whole body.

As a sculptor, you perfect the body. And it’s also a good way to lose extra pounds, get rid of cellulite and tighten the figure, strengthening muscles, ligaments and bones.

You not only correct your forms, but also improve coordination and flexibility, strengthen the cardiovascular system. The combination of strength and aerobic exercise gives the body:

toned buttocks, legs, arms, abs;

a healthy back;

strong immunity;

accelerated metabolism;

a plastic body and a beautiful posture.

How is Super Sculpt training going?

Both men and women can be engaged: they work out the whole body and load each group of muscles, while lifting heavy weights is not necessary.

For fitness training, Super Sculpture includes slow music: the load on the heart is minimized, the pulse is even, and the breathing is not lost.

The pump technique is used — a special way of pumping muscles:

the inense pace of aerobics is combined with strength exercises — participants make many approaches with a small weight;

over time, the load can be increased to develop the body’s capabilities — the level of strength and endurance.

The training takes place in three stages:

  1. Warm—up – participants warm up and prepare for strength exercises.
  2. The main part — shells and weights are used.
  3. Completion — athletes relax their muscles and restore breathing.

Breaks are practically not made. All movements are smooth, but dynamic and taking place in aerobic mode. Muscle loads are complemented by moderate cardio, and the body remains in good shape.

Nutrition is of great importance. If there are questions about it, the coach individually recommends the optimal diet to the athlete.

Equipment for Super Sculpture

Special dumbbells are used as auxiliary equipment, and not those that are commonly seen in bodybuilding, and lightweight barbells are lifted. Another popular projectile is a body bar, which is an alternative to a barbell. The training is not complete without mats, usually used in yoga, step platforms, expanders and other equipment.

All projectiles weighing no more than 5 kg, so the chances of getting injured when working with it are small. For novice women, they choose light equipment – weighing 1 kg, for men — 2.5 kg.