Aquagymnastics: indications, contraindications the benefits and harms of fitness in the water

What is useful for aqua aerobics is the opportunity to relax in the pool, tighten your figure and lose weight. Almost anyone can do it, and the ability to swim is not at all necessary.

The benefits of aqua aerobics for women

Due to active movements in the water, blood circulation improves, excess fluid is removed from the body. The health benefits are enormous:

metabolism accelerates;

the heart muscle and respiratory system are strengthened;

posture is corrected;

immunity increases.

Problems with poor sleep and lethargy gradually go away, energy appears and well-being improves. However, people with serious illnesses, such as epilepsy, heart disease, asthma, will not be able to go to the pool. Before attending a workout, you should consult with your doctor.

Aqua aerobics helps to lose weight due to the properties of water: to perform the exercise, women have to overcome the natural resistance of water. A large amount of energy is spent, and all muscles are involved. A noticeable result of weight loss appears after a month of regular training, and over time the effect accumulates.

Chlorine contained in the pool can cause dryness and itching of the skin, allergic reactions. After a shower and a workout, it is advisable to use a nourishing cream.

Gymnastics is easy to do, so girls of all ages, even pensioners, come to classes. You don’t have to swim, because the depth allows you to reach the bottom of the pool with your feet. If there is a fear of water, you can wear armbands or a special belt.

Which program should I choose?

The program of classes is chosen based on their physical abilities and goals. If at the current stage the set of exercises seems simple to perform, then you can move on to a more complex level.

Premier Sport offers ten aqua aerobics programs for different categories of girls, among them are popular:

Mama+ — for expectant mothers who want to strengthen their muscles and learn how to breathe properly;

Beginners — for beginners who want to learn basic exercises and combinations;

Mix — for trained clients who are not afraid to practice in deep water;

Relax — for those who want to relax and perform stretching exercises, muscle relaxation;

Super Strength — suitable for those who are aiming for a high-intensity load in the water;

Gym — for those who want to work with the abs, back and shoulder girdle.