How to take a child on vacation?

Game complex: advantages

Playground equipment is both sports and entertainment. When a child plays, in parallel he strengthens his posture, develops dexterity and flexibility.

A healthy lifestyle becomes a part of leisure from childhood, and in the future a child can begin to be interested in sports independently.

The child becomes more hardened. There is a rule in Western Europe: there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes. So the child will have something to do even not in the warmest time of the year.

Also, gaming complexes help to develop intelligence and leadership qualities.

What should be considered before installation?

If there are several children in the family, then the playground should be interesting and safe for each of them.

It is desirable that the complex is in the field of view of parents: you will be able to see what your child is doing.

The playground should be in a lighted place, but it is better if it does not stand in the sun itself.

Remember about the direction of the wind. It is unpleasant when it blows from all sides, you can even plant shrubs to protect from the wind.

It is important that the surface on the site is safe. It can be a lawn or a special coating.

Remember that the territory of your site or the playground itself should be fenced so that the child does not run out on the road.

What should I pay attention to when choosing?

The playground must match the age of the child. Kids will have enough for games and 6 square meters (a small swing, slide, sandbox), but older children need variety, such equipment will take about 10 (preschoolers), 20 (school-age children) square meters. For schoolchildren, the composition of the playgrounds usually includes high slides, handwheels, Swedish walls, ropes, basketball shields.

Think about how the playground can be transformed when the children grow up. Then the site will be used for more than one year.

Quality is the most important thing. Let the seats be with backs, any cracks and burrs are excluded, the elements should not play. Metal products must have a coating that protects against corrosion, wooden parts are impregnated with special compounds. The complexes must comply with GOST and be installed correctly.

The company “Alfasport” offers a variety of playgrounds. Here you can buy a game complex for cottages with swings, slides, sandboxes, ropes, handwheels and many others. A sports surface will complement the playground. And for adults who watch their shape, we can offer outdoor exercise equipment, there is even a workout area.