INTERVAL: what is this type of training and why interval training is so effective

Interval fitness is about how to achieve maximum results in a limited time and how to quickly lose extra pounds. In training, short breaks are made between exercises: its total duration does not decrease, but the effectiveness of training increases.

The interval fitness system is borrowed from professional sports: those involved maintain the desired heart rate — all metabolic processes proceed faster, due to which fats are actively burned. By the way, the acceleration of metabolic processes lasts two more days after training.

How is interval training in fitness?

A little time is given for rest. Due to the rapid change in intensity, the effect is higher than from strength or cardio load.

By the way, you can use additional equipment (dumbbells, step platforms, etc.).

Example: first, you actively do push-ups for 30 seconds, then a 10-second rest and again 30 seconds of push—ups – repeat this for 5-10 minutes. This applies to any exercise: squats, running, jumping, etc. Breaks can be replaced with a measured intensity load, so that the muscles and heart calm down.

Interval training is sometimes compared to circular training. However, with a circular rest is done after each round of exercises, and in the interval — after each approach, so that the pulse is restored.


But to correctly calculate the alternating periods, you need knowledge and experience. The best option is to train with an instructor who helps to draw up a training scheme and monitors the results of the athlete. Load cycles are usually repeated 5-10 times.

Some experts do not advise doing INTERVAL fitness week after week. Too frequent loads lead to overtraining: a person refuses to visit the gym in the future. Diversify your regular workouts with them for a couple of weeks, and then return to the classic ones — strength, aerobic or cardio loads.

Who can study?

It implies an active effect on the cardiovascular system, so it is worth visiting a doctor and undergoing an examination to find out about her condition. For people with weak heart muscle, hypertension and diseases of the cardiovascular system, exercise can be dangerous.

It is necessary to revise the schedule of classes if the following symptoms appear:

muscle pain;

heart palpitations even on days when you are not exercising;

fatigue that does not go away.

A few recommendations

Competent technique of performing exercises and proper breathing are obvious things, the observance of which is monitored by the coach and the athlete.

When doing interval training in the fitness room or at home, it is worth following the recommendations:

pay enough attention to sleep and nutrition;

always do a warm-up and a hitch;

the duration of high-intensity exercise for beginners should start from 10-15 seconds and gradually increase;

the average duration of training is from 10 to 30 minutes — during this time 5-10 cycles are performed (maximum — 15);

do not train on an empty stomach.

Together with the instructor, create an effective INTERVAL Training program and evaluate the benefits of high-intensity physical activity.

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