Choosing fitness dances for weight loss (zumba, flex, belly dance)

Push-ups, gym classes and squats are not suitable for everyone. But dancing helps to diversify fitness training, relax and surrender to dynamic rhythms. Additional equipment is not required: only the desire of the girls to put the figure in order.

You can do dance aerobics at home, but you will not feel the drive that exists in group classes.

The benefits of dance fitness

Dancing helps to lose weight, because high-intensity physical activity affects the whole body. Athletes work out muscles and burn extra calories: blood circulation improves and endurance increases.

Zumba and belly dancing give a good aerobic load. In addition to affecting the body, dance fitness affects cognitive abilities, calms and relieves stress.

It is worth postponing a visit for colds and other inflammatory processes. Dance aerobics classes are completely banned for those who have tumors or serious heart problems.

If you practice regularly, you can notice changes in the body:

increase in lung volume;

lowering cholesterol levels;

improving mood;

strengthening of the musculoskeletal system and heart muscle.

However, those who want to do dancing will have to make a difficult choice: there are many dance directions, and each of them is worthy of attention.


Belly dance

Smooth movements to Turkish and Arabic melodies are waiting for those who will start belly dancing. The hips, abdomen, and arms are actively involved in the training.

Girls strengthen their posture, forget about headaches, learn to breathe properly and often improve the functions of the reproductive system. A pronounced relief on the abdomen should not be expected, but you can tighten the buttocks, make the muscles elastic and even lose a little weight.

For classes you will need:

short top;

tight leggings;

loincloth with coins (optional).

In this outfit, the dancers feel more confident, sexier and see every movement performed. The energy of fitness dance allows a woman to open up like a flower.

Zumba dance

Zumba resembles a party in a club, which takes place to rhythmic, Latin American music. The instructor teaches basic steps from hip-hop, Latin, aerobics and basic choreography, gradually moving on to more complex combinations.

Dynamic and simple dance is suitable for all women, regardless of their age, build, physical fitness. Even if the girls can’t repeat the elements right away, they continue to move as they like — and this is one of the advantages of zumba. Diverse, original and uncomplicated movements involve the whole body: arms, legs, neck and waist.

Dancers can shout and throw away the accumulated negativity for the whole day — this is a powerful emotional training, after which it becomes very easy.

In addition to losing weight, zumba guarantees:

new acquaintances with like-minded people;

improvement of mood and general well-being;

getting rid of muscle spasms.

The form of clothing is loose: leggings, T-shirt or top, comfortable sports shoes.

Flex dance

Complex training increases muscle tone, improves posture and develops flexibility. Flexing originated in New York at the beginning of the 21st century.

The main movements are performed with the hands and shoulders. The dancer makes incredible twists and weaves: the change of movements occurs so quickly, as if the bones are breaking. They usually dance to rhythmic hip-hop.

Outstanding sports data is not required for Flex dance: a mentor begins training with easy combinations, and also teaches how to stretch joints gradually and without injury.