What is usually included in the workout complex

The workout complex is an equipped training area where people of any age can practice. Usually the complex includes:

Hand cranks for training the muscles of the hands;

Horizontal bars for performing basic exercises;

Swedish walls for gymnastic exercises;

Bars for working out the muscles of the arms and chest;

Benches for toning legs and press;

As well as exercise equipment for walking, running and other activities.

What is the peculiarity of the workout sites for the street

First of all, for the manufacture of such platforms, especially durable materials are used, designed for the most intensive and long-term operation. The vandal-proof structure is protected from breakdowns and mechanical damage, and all joints and movable elements are performed with a large margin of safety. The weight of the loads is calculated so that a person without training does not get injured, and most outdoor simulators use the trainee’s own body weight. In our catalog you can buy a workout site in Minsk at a very affordable price!

Reliable and safe base for the workout

The covering of the site is of great importance, since it happens that a person will stumble or fall from the simulator, and can easily get injured when in contact with asphalt or rubble, which is often sprinkled on such sites. The optimal choice of the base is a rubber coating for sports grounds, which prevents slipping, dampens bumps and jumps, and provides optimal moisture removal in the rain and when snow melts.

The advantages of such a coating include:

High strength and resistance to wear;

Affordable price;

Large selection of colors;

Seamless coverage and its safety for running;

Safety of coating components for health;

No need for special care.

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